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Please go to see our cars in stock.
If you are interested in our cars in stock,please feel free to contact us.
Order system.
The order system is a system that we search out and introduce the car you want to own from nationwide car auction.
If you use our order system,feel free to fill-in the form below and contact us.
■ Please fill in the form below about the car that you want.
Model code
Displacement  cc
※Range of model year  ~  year
※Odometer  ~  Km
※Exterior Color
※Steering I don't care. Right Left
※Transmission I don't care. Automatic Manual
※Door I don't care. 2door 3door 4door 5door
※Expiry Date I don't care valid Invalid
※Budget  Yen (include tax)
※Auto loan Yes No
■ Contact detail
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※Preferred Contact
Please note that following documents will be required when you purchase or order a car.
check Certificate of a seal impression (印鑑証明) check Certification of parking space (車庫証明)
check Power of attorney (委任状) check Certificate of car tax payment (外国人登録証明書)
check Driver's license (運転免許証)
Visiting our showroom
Appointment check We accept from the reservation form for 24 hours.
Business hours 10:00am~8:00pm (Mon-San) TEL 03-5600-2710
12:00am~7:00pm (Sun/Holiday) FAX 03-5600-2768