Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition of information
In our web site of, we acquire user's information in the following cases.

We have a case to have a user name or e-mail address register themselves in some contents. These information is used for user confirmation or the inquiry of the user at the time of the service use.

2.Use of information

Our company uses acquired individual information within the range necessary for the accomplishment of the car sales and maintenance industry. And, our company manages insurance agency and uses it also within the range necessary for the accomplishment of a business concerned.

We do not disclose individual information to the third party without the permission of the user himself. And, besides a case and the request with the legal compelling force to take the application of the law, we disclose no personal information.

The use purpose of the insurance company which entrusts you with insurance recruitment duties for us is mentioned in the homepage of each company.  Sompo Japan Insurance Ltd.

3. Safety management of individual data.

We take enough security countermeasures concerning the safety management. And, we take an appropriate step to secure accuracy and the currentness needed by the achievement of the use purpose. The security management prevent leakage and the loss of the personal data.

4.Offer of individual data to third party

We do not offer personal data to the third person without the agreement of himself unless as follows.

・When it is based on laws and ordinances.
・When we need to protect human's life and a body, or it is difficult to obtain the consent.
・When it is necessary to cooperate for the organization in the country or the person who receives the local public entity or the consignment to accomplish the clerical work that the law provides.

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