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How to sell

Our staff who has assessment person's qualification will correspond promptly. Please fill-in the form below and do not hesitate to contact us.

Procedure for selling your car, and your profit.

STEP.1 Please contact us by the inquiry form or the telephone.
STEP.2 Our staff answers the content of the assessment of your car. and making an appointment.
STEP.3 The assessment person who filled the inspection standard of the Japanese car assessment society standard actually assesses your car. The assessment is free.
STEP.4 If you were satisfied with the assessed price, exchange a contract with us. Please prepare required documents.
STEP.5 Please send required documents, the spare key, the handling manual, the maintenance pocketbook, the written guarantee, the Navigation disk, and the CD magazine, etc, for the loss prevention. and Our staff will receive the car.
STEP.6 Payment of sales cost notice. We will pay the price to the specified account.
STEP.7 Registration of changing owner's name. we will inform you after completing the change procedure.
selling car

■ Inquiry of car clearance

*Car Name
*Model year
*Odometer Km
*Import form
*color  Exterior
Car inspection expiration day Month  Year
Additional vehicle features

■ Contact detail


Please note that following documents will be required when you sell your car.

Registration check  Registration (車検証)
Certificate of tax payment check  Certificate of tax payment (納税証明書)
※Must be same address with a certified seal.
Power of attorney check  Power of attorney (委任状)
A certified seal check  A certified seal (印鑑証明)
※Must be same address with a certificate of tax payment.
Compulsory Insurance certificate check  Compulsory Insurance certificate (自賠責保険証)
Recycle check  Recycle (リサイクル券)
Proof of ownership changee check  Proof of ownership changee (譲渡証)
Certificate of residence check  Certificate of residence (住民票)