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Welcome to our English site.Marriot Marquis has been supporting customer's car life for 30 years or more since it had been established.

The handling model is various from the imported automobile to the domestic car.

The maintenance factory of the BOSCH group joining is established as an annex next to the headquarters office. Not only when your car is deliverd but also after delivering,the factory maintains it.We will gladly assist your car life totally in Japan.Please feel free to contact us.

*When you visit our showroom, please make an appointment with our staff.  » Reservation form

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Car sales

Please contact us for stock cars.

We will arrange a car including trade-in, maintenance and registration. contact us.

Car Loan


Low interest loan

The credit company such as Orient Corporation (Orico), APLUS, Cedyna and Jaccs can be used.

In the credit company, you examine whether certain payment can be done. Our company registers the vehicle, and it advances to the car delivery when the loan contract is concluded after it examines it.

It is possible to pay in installments up to 120 months. And interest rate (annualized rate in real terms) from 1.7%~.

Interest rate from 1.7%~

Installments up to 120months



Q. Will you look for the car which I hope for?

A. We will find out the car which you hope, from the car auction opened in the Japanese whole country.

Q. Do I need an appointment for an appraisal?

A. It is better to make an appointment with us. Then, thing carries smoothly.

Q.Is your offer negotiable?

A. Yes, but depends on situation. Please come to see our cars and consult us.

Q. Do you accept trade-ins?

A. Yes. and we'll buy your car even if you don't buy a car from us.

Q. Will you assess my car even if I do not go to a store?

A. Yes. Please reserve the day when your convenience is good. We will make a business trip free of charge, and assess your car.

Q. Will you buy my car?

A. We will assess your car free. So, please fill-in the form here and do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. Can I get my car appraised online?

Yes, We can, please fill-in the form here and do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. Will regular maintenance/repairs affect the offer?

A. Yes, the assessment of your car will be better.



Head office / Showroom / Factory

Address:2-4-12 Chitose Sumida-ku Tokyo

Business hours :9:30am~18:30pm TEL 03-5600-2710

Open year round FAX 03-5600-2768

Certification - Certified by BOSCH Car Service(BCS)

Access ・2.7Km from Tokyo Station.

・5 min from the Hakozaki IC Hamacho exit.

・7 minutes on foot from the JR Ryogoku station east exit.

Access map

【Head office】


2-4-12 Chitose Sumida-ku, Tokyo 〒130-0025 ,Japan

We prepare the large reception room in which you can consult about car in a relaxed way.



Factory is fully equipped with necessary specific tool to say nothing of various testers.Please leave to us concerning the repair and the maintenance of the import used car.

BOSCH Car Service

safety technology of car system manufacturer 【BOSCH Car Service】.
We maintain customer's own car by service and the equipment of enhancement. Please feel free to inquire.


The Bosch group is a leading company that provides the technology and the service of the reformation on a global scale.


We maintain your car with great skill of BOSCH which is one of the biggest company dealing with car parts.Please feel free to contact us about maintenance of your cars.

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The use purpose of the insurance company which entrusts you with insurance recruitment duties for us is mentioned in the homepage of each company.  Sompo Japan Insurance Ltd.

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